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Empowered Careers: Navigating Success for LGBTQIA++ Professionals

Join us for a transformative group coaching series designed to guide you towards fulfilling, values-aligned roles in your career. Whether you're just beginning your professional journey or have years of experience, this series is a vital resource for anyone in the LGBTQIA++ community seeking to navigate the complexities of the job market with confidence and authenticity.


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Course Instructor

With nearly 15 years of experience, Dara M. Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge in empathetic career and management coaching, focusing on the unique challenges and strengths of marginalized communities.

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Course Overview


Learn how to create compelling resumes that not only highlight your skills and experiences but also resonate with employers who value and support the LGBTQIA++ experience.


Transform your LinkedIn profile into a dynamic tool that attracts the right professional opportunities and networks, essential for career advancement.


Gain tools and confidence to advocate for yourself in professional settings, navigate workplace challenges, and pursue opportunities that align with your personal values and goals.

Course Outcomes



Develop a Magnetic Resume

Participants will learn how to craft a compelling resume that not only showcases their skills and experiences but also aligns with their career aspirations. They'll gain insights into creating a narrative that highlights their impact and value, making their resume a magnet for opportunities that resonate with their personal and professional goals.


Optimize Proactive LinkedIn Networking

Participants will gain expertise in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to attract recruiters and networking opportunities. They'll learn proactive networking strategies to build and engage with a strong network, positioning themselves effectively in their industry and beyond.


Values-Forward Job Searching

Attendees will be equipped with strategies for a proactive, values-forward job search. They'll understand how to leverage their unique qualities in a way that attracts values-aligned environments and repels toxic workplaces, enhancing their ability to find fulfilling roles where they can thrive.


Empowerment in Navigating Workplace Challenges

The program will empower attendees with tools and strategies to navigate unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA++ professionals in the job market. This includes overcoming barriers, building resilience, and advocating for themselves in professional settings.


Enhance Self-Advocacy and Confidence

Participants will leave the program with enhanced skills in self-advocacy and confidence, particularly in job searches and interviews. They'll understand how to effectively communicate their value and impact, leading to more meaningful and rewarding career opportunities.

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Ideal Participant Profile

This course is ideally suited for individuals with 2+ years of work experience. However, it's important to note that this program is also highly beneficial for those just starting out in the workforce. The foundational skills and strategies taught in the course, such as crafting magnetic resumes and mastering LinkedIn, are essential tools for anyone, regardless of their career stage. These skills lay the groundwork for a successful career, particularly in finding roles that align with personal values and support the LGBTQIA++ experience.

​Overcoming Barriers - Addressing Unique Challenges Faced by the LGBTQIA++ Community in the Job Market

  1. Acknowledging the Unspoken Challenges.

  2. Begin with an honest conversation about the untaught aspects of succeeding in the workplace, especially for underrepresented groups.

  3. Discuss how institutional discrimination subtly but significantly impacts career progression.

  4. Your best qualities and workplace vulnerabilities.

  5. Explore how high empathy, high achievement, and a growth mindset, while being strengths, can also make one vulnerable in toxic work environments.

  6. Discuss strategies to wield these qualities effectively without compromising one's well-being.

  7. Addressing the elephants in the room.

  8. Confront common misconceptions such as "I should be able to handle this on my own" and the reality of thriving versus handling.

  9. Emphasize the importance of seeking support and building resilience.

  10. Empowering self-advocacy and confidence.

  11. Shift focus to empowering self-advocacy in job searches and interviews.

  12. Provide tools and strategies to showcase one's undeniable self and to negotiate effectively.

  13. Discuss the importance of building supportive networks and accessing LGBTQIA++ specific resources.

  14. Share practical tips on how to build these networks and where to find these resources.

  15. Offer strategies for overcoming systemic barriers and building resilience.

  16. Encourage participants to share experiences and strategies that have worked for them.

  17. Interactive Discussion: Addressing Participant Concerns.


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