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BTTC is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization | EIN: 932713313

Are you ready to Be the Transformational Change?

At BTTC, we are committed to driving positive change and creating a more inclusive world for all LGBTQIA+ individuals. Your support is vital in helping us advance our mission and amplify our impact. We hope you'll join us in the journey towards equality, acceptance, and empowerment. 

By donating today, you're not just giving – you're igniting change, supporting critical programs, and fueling opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community.

#AdvocateForChange 🗣️🌈

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We're looking for forward-thinking companies like yours to stand alongside us as partners in this transformative journey. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you're not just supporting a cause – you're championing equality, diversity, and acceptance. Your sponsorship enables us to amplify our impact, create vital programs, and foster opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ individuals who deserve to shine. Let's make a powerful difference together. Join hands with us and showcase your commitment to a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow. 🤝🌟 #SupportLGBTQIA #CorporatePartnership

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