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Miss International Queen USA™
Entry Requirements


To be eligible to participate in the Miss International Queen USA™ pageant, contestants must meet the following entry requirements: (Application Deadline is September 12th, 2024)

  1. Must meet all eligibility requirements set forth by Miss International Queen™, Pattaya, Thailand. You may review those eligibility by visiting

  2. Must be a Transgender Woman, meaning a person naturally born genetically male who is a pre- or post-operation transgender female. Proper documentation may be requested to prove natural genetic gender, including but not limited to birth certificate or medical genetic verification.

  3. Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submitting an application (or age of majority if higher in your state of residence), and no more than 35 years of age as of December 31st 2024. All contestants must meet the Miss International Queen™ Pageant age requirements that are contestants must be 18 – 36 years of age as of December 31st 2025.

  4. Must have a Certified copy of your valid U.S. passport or other government-issued ID showing identification information sufficient to confirm that you will be able to timely obtain a U.S. passport if selected as a contestant for Miss International Queen USA™.

  5. Must be of good character and possess charm, poise, personality, personal integrity, and a spirit of giving back to the community.

  6. Must not be subject to any contractual or other obligations that would conflict or interfere with the ability to participate in the Pageant and/or serve as the titleholder of Miss International Queen-USA™.

  7. Be a person who has never previously won the Miss International Queen™ (or been 1st or 2nd alternate) or have previously won Miss International Queen-USA™.

  8. Be a person whose background will not bring disrespect to Miss International Queen™ or Miss International Queen-USA™ Pageant, Title, licensee, promoter, or any person(s) associated with them. If prizes have been awarded to an ineligible person, all prize monies and monetary value of physical prizes will be required to be repaid to Be The Transformational Change. Each applicant consents to, and agrees to cooperate reasonably with, any background check MIQ-USA™ requires; failure to cooperate and/or discovery of any information that could be harmful to the reputation of MIQ-USA™, as determined by MIQ-USA™, may result in disqualification.


These entry requirements are in place to ensure fairness and compliance with the pageant's specific focus on supporting and celebrating transgender women in the United States. 

Applications must be completed and registration fees paid by September 12th, 2024 to be eligible.

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